"I'll gladly send you to the next world."
Born into the world as a cursed child, she has a detached, cynical outlook on life. Her desire is to prove to others that she is better than them. She is known as the Female Tengu to most, and to others, she is simply Ayane.

Independent roleplay blog for Ayane from Dead or Alive / Ninja Gaiden.
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She is a traitor. There is no need to capture her. Kill her. 
As you wish.
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Hello! I’d like to talk about Dead or Alive from a feminist point of view. I want to thank Regina for helping me with this. In fact, without her input, this probably would’ve never happened. I’ll start off by saying I find the DOA girls very attractive but that’s not the only reason I like them. They are characters and they have stories, not just pretty faces. They are interesting beyond the costumes. Let’s start! Also, please feel free to add your thoughts or ideas. I’d love to see them. Sorry for any mistakes. Writing isn’t my strong suit! And thanks for reading.


who is leader of of the Hajimon at 16.

who saved Kasumi from following a suicidal Helena into an exploding DOATEC tower.

who killed the man she called and loved as a father because he had become evil.

who enjoys aesthetics and butterflies.

who is loyal to Hayate, the only one who treated her kindly, despite her lineage.

who contemplated suicide thinking that no one loved her.


who is a deadly assassin, willing to do whatever she needs to take out her target.

who was not intimidated by Bayman’s size or reputation.

who killed Maria and laughs with no regard for a grieving Helena.

who boldly fought against the ninjas trying to interfere with her mission.

who has a pet panther.

who enjoys fast cars and black nail polish.


who is a young prima donna, adored for her beautiful voice.

who relentlessly pursued her mother’s killer.

who welcomes her half-sister Kokoro into her life.

who is chairman of the multimillion dollar DOATEC conglomerate.

who shares a friendly rivalry with Lei Fang.

who attempts to sacrifice herself at the Tritower, haunted by memories of her mother.

who loves dogs and white.


who is kind and cheerful.

who surprises Ayane with her formidable skills.

who surpassed her father in martial arts earning a black belt before she turned 18.

who took care of Ein and taught him karate before his memory returned.

who loves Hayate knowing he will probably never be able to return her feelings.

who loves cooking.


who fled her village to avenge her brother, knowing that the clan would kill her.

who fought and killed Raidou.

who has little desire to fight.

who attempts to have a good sister relationship, despite Ayane’s hostility.

who enjoys the color pink and strawberries.


who is a master of Ba Ji Quan.

who fought off a drunk Brad Wong

who is an aspiring geisha.

who is polite and kind.

who refused to tell Ayane where Kasumi had fled to.

Lei Fang

who demanded Jann Lee treat her as an equal.

who knows that martial arts requires mind, body, and spirit.

who is intelligent, curious college student.

who looks up to Helena.

who saved a child from kidnappers.

who tells Tina “You don’t know anything about power”.


who is a renowned scientist. 

who is a champion volleyball player.

who is a wrestler and luchadora.

who freed Hayate from Project Epsilon.

who is loves cherry pie and surfing.


who has looked up to Bass Armstrong her whole life.

who knows a variety of martial arts.

who works as a part time waitress.

who inspired Tina Armstrong to fight again.

who is strong and determined.

who trained constantly to improve herself.


who was an expert wrestler by the time she finished high school.

who gave Zack a mirror and told him to “use it”.

who pursued her dreams, even though it disappointed her father.

who is successful model, actress, and aspiring governor.

who is confident and charismatic.

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       "—Another ninja girl. Pft. To be honest, I’ve been disappointed with what I ‘been getting. What’s your deal?"


     Another? Who were the other ninja girl that you’ve come across?” Crimson red orbs glanced at the male before her, scanning his appearance up and down.  ”Disappointed, huh? Well, I can’t exactly guarantee that I wont disappoint you either.” 

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Listen here, because I don’t think this community acknowledges it because it’s ruled by fear of hate, but let me tell you something.

If someone treats you like shit; drop them.

If someone steals your hard work and refuses to stop, you call their ass out and keep your head held high no matter what comes of it.

Don’t be afraid to voice your opinion or stick up for yourself.

Too many people are terrified to do this because they don’t want to be attacked — which is understandable, but let’s face it.

Someone will always be offended, or someone isn’t going to handle the situation as maturely as you like.


Let them wallow in their self-denial, but you don’t let them terrorise you or treat you like shit because you deserve so much better than that.

Every single one of you is so very important. You are alive, you breathe, you have emotions just like everyone else, and you are valued because even if the world may seem against you, it isn’t. There is always someone there for you.

So keep your head held high and you do what is right because no on deserves that kind of disrespect.


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Other than the one being played, what character could you see the mun playing?

     - Bonus points if you say why.

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          Don’t be deceived by my appearance

                                                I’m     S T R O N G E R     than you think

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tesla-gravity asked: "I don't think I've met anyone with eyes so strikingly red before..." Not that Lars was being invasive, but it was a feature of hers that stood out.


     ”Well, I’ve never met someone with hair that looks like it defies gravity like yours before. What kind of hair gel are you using?” 

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     She’d been called out to complete a task given to her by Master Hayate since he couldn’t find time to do it himself due to him being backed up with assignment after assignment, he gave the job to Ayane. The job seemed simple enough; go to a meeting where someone has information on Donovan and where his whereabouts might be located. Some good information, if it were true it would prove to be vital in the mission to take down Victor Donovan once and for all. 

     Everything was going fine, well, that was until she arrived. It looked like a mass slaughter, as if Hayabusa walked through here and just murdered everything like he’s known for. Ayane scanned the area, crimson red eyes eventually locking onto a figure surrounded by dead bodies.

     The informants. Dead. Was she dreaming? She was this close to finding out information on Donovan and what was she greeted with? Some person just flat out murdering them. Irritation and anger consumed her being; rubbing her fingers against her temples.

     ”What the hell?! I needed them, y’know, alive?! God, what are you, fucking mental? Stupid? Trying to be a little action hero, saving the day?”

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                                                         you don’t understand.
               I have done ̲͟t̲̲͟͟h̲̲͟͟i̲̲͟͟n̲̲͟͟g̲͟s
                                              horrible things.

                                                          …That even GOD won’t forgive me for.

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Ayane + Being a queen

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